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17-Jun-2017 13:16

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That finally made it real to me where I was.”During their time in Gaza, Ehud and his family survived numerous firebomb attacks, shootings, and bus bombings. Even after Ehud’s business partner in farming was stabbed to death, they stayed on.

Only when Gaza was relinquished to the Palestinians and their own government forced them to did they move out of the area to the new settlement of Be’er Ganim.

The Web celebrity Decorah eagle parents, nearly identical to the untrained eye, are a great team.

Together, they've hatched three new eaglets since late February. One way to tell who is who is to look at the eagles' heads.

And although Israel is defended by a system of antimissile batteries called the Iron Dome, not everything can be intercepted.

At home, Ehud and his family have a type of heavy concrete safe room that is common in Israel.

He and his wife actually lived in an area more prone to violence than many other parts of the country.

As his mother discovered during an early visit, Neor family life functioned on a level of alertness unfathomable to most Americans.“My daughter-in-law and I were going shopping when they lived in Gush Katif,” said Ms. “When I started to fasten my seatbelt, she told me not to.

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From there, Ehud, a self-taught programmer, runs a computer-consulting firm which has offices in Tel Aviv and Jerusalem.

Save for occasionally playing baseball beside the Hebrew Center on a field that is now the center’s parking lot, he had little exposure to Judaism on-Island, nor did he show signs of wanting to visit Israel, let alone move there for good.“There was absolutely no indication that he would emigrate as he was growing up,” said Ms. Ehud’s [Billy’s] interest in Israel came when he was a young adult studying on scholarship at Wabash College in Indiana.

In 1978 he chose the Middle Eastern country for his junior year abroad, largely because it looked to be a free trip.

They have fed newborns, fended off owls and protected the chicks from the severe spring weather -- whipping wind, driving rain and a spring snow. The adult female has grayish feathers in front of and behind her eyes.

The male has a stark white head, said Bob Anderson, director of the Raptor Resource Project, the organization that is running the webcam.He was forced to hurry to the room at least once while emailing the Times earlier in the month.

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