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There's no obligation at all, and Card Fellow is 100% free. We welcome your questions about this guide or credit card processing via Facebook. Our goal is to help small businesses get competitive credit card processing rates through education and service.

So, your comments about this guide and ways we can improve it are encouraged. First Things First This no-nonsense guide will put you on the fast track to low credit card processing fees by teaching you the truth about charges, and then showing you how to put your new knowledge to work comparing processors.

Start with a clean slate so you grasp the secrets of truly low rates quickly.

It's Easier Than You Think Credit card processing fees are not as confusing as many processors would like you to believe.

American Express: Unlike the networks of Visa and Master Card that rely on many issuing and acquiring banks working together, American Express handles its business in-house.

American Express's network allows the company to dictate its own rates.

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Card Brands Visa and Master Card are the architects and custodians of credit card processing.

The card brands don't directly issue credit cards to consumers or merchant accounts to businesses.

Instead, Visa and Master Card oversee a network of issuing and acquiring banks working in association to do the legwork.

This is why American Express's rate remains the same regardless of which processor handles a business's Visa, Master Card and Discover transactions.

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Discover: The operational model of Discover's network falls somewhere between the associations of Visa and Master Card and the closed-loop scenario of American Express.

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