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13-Oct-2017 19:16

Being together was an ingenious way for both of them to keep hiding in the closet.

I’m not sure what they’re up to now but I know that a recently Whitney was seeing a white young actress at least half her age.” The source added that Whitney’s late father wanted to kill Bobby Brown for ruining his daughter’s life and career.

The Latino claimed to be straight, because he did not kiss, did not suck my friend, and did not bottom. NOW, my HIGHLY RELIABLE sources have confirmed that rumor to be TRUE! Ludajuice was in fact humping Gordon while the “different area codes” rapper was working for the then 97.5 FM ATL radio station, which is now 107.9 in FAGLANTA.

It did not matter that his dick got hard as a rock, as soon as my friend came in the door. Luda and Gordon reportedly go way back to 1997, way before Gordan became a porn star.

It was the most ugly showbiz family feud ever.” The top NYC musician went on to tell IUC that Brown’s addiction to drugs over the years was fuelled by a homosexual relationship that went sour. Cillian Murphy Tom Cruise - Katie's an idiot Ellen - List filler Paris Hilton Lindsay Lohan Samantha Ronson - List lengthener Ryan Seacrest Angelina Jolie - She's straight now, give her a break Jodie Foster TR Knight - Who woulda thunk it?

“He was in love with a leading male actor who got like himself got married to hide his sexuality,” the source said. Jonathan Taylor Thomas Neil Patrick Harris - He already came out too!

Just like her previous boyfriend Eddie Murphy, Bobby was gay.

It was a union to have children and to maintain their homosexual life on the side.

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To be sure, Lil Fate has never released a record, yet he remains on the label. I don’t know about you guys, but I’m floored by this information.And the livejournal headline doesn't help calling Chris Brown "miss" and calling this guy his "lover".