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Biohydrometallurgical methods were tested for years to be applied at KGHM Polska Miedź S.A., in order to improve efficiency of copper production. Research and Development Centre are this project Partners.Such quantitative information is fundamental to investigate and evaluate the mineral processing of ores.In this study carbonaceous apatite ore samples from Lao Cai deposit (Vietnam) was used.In order to exclude any possible effect by the new accelerator in tunnel VIII on the existing low-background gamma-counting facility in tunnel IV, Monte Carlo simulations of neutron transport are being performed.A realistic neutron source field is developed, and the resulting additional neutron flux at the gamma-counting facility is modeled by FLUKA simulations. Strahlenschutzrechnungen für den Untertage-Ionenbeschleuniger am Standort Felsenkeller Grieger, M.The Felsenkeller site consists of altogether nine mutually connected tunnels.It is shielded from cosmic radiation by a 45 m thick rock overburden, enabling uniquely sensitive experiments.

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Beamline P08 at PETRA III, Hamburg, offers a well-functioning high-resolution X-ray diffraction setup for the characterization of nanowire ensembles.The Mineral Liberation Analyzer (MLA) combines a large specimen chamber automated Scanning Electron Microscope (SEM), multiple Energy Dispersive X-ray detectors (EDX) with automated quantitative mineralogy software.SEM-based automated mineralogy tools are essential in measuring parameters, such as modal mineralogy, mineral locking, mineral association, theoretical grade - recovery and mineral liberation.Aufgrund der Bandbreite der Themenfelder von der Abfallwirtschaft bis hin zur Siedlungsentwicklung und der transdisziplinären Herangehensweise ist ein projektspezifischer angepasster Ansatz nötig, der sowohl den Erfordenissen der Wissenschaft nach Vollständigkeit und Vergleichbarkeit gerecht wird, als auch den Anforderungen der beteiligten Akteure entspricht.

Liberation analysis on grinding products is a very important subject for application in respect of both mineralogical characteristics and beneficiation process relevant parameters.The article gives a general overview of these activities, with the main focus on results of bioleaching studies of selected materials, conducted by KGHM Cuprum.

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