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All allegations of bullying are investigated and documented by building administrators or their designee.Bullying may be an isolated incident but is more often a series of incidents occurring over a period of time. Social conflict is a disagreement between two people or two groups that can possibly involve accusations, name calling, and loud, emotionally-driven arguing.District 59 will not tolerate unkind actions or remarks, even if they lack malicious intent.We expect students, staff, and parents to support this policy by reporting all incidents of bullying.The use or possession of medical cannabis, even by a student for whom medical cannabis has been prescribed, is prohibited.e.

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The Superintendent or designee shall ensure that the parent/guardian of a student who engages in aggressive behavior is notified of the incident.

Students who are under the influence of any prohibited substance are not permitted to attend school or school functions and are treated as though they had the prohibited substance, as applicable, in their possession.